Thursday, August 30, 2012

New CD "A Professional Result"

Finally, I am uploading my third CD after one year.It is called "A Professional Result" and was recorded in the summer of 2012 in Athens.

I think that it is quite different from what I've done before so I will say a couple words about it.

It is a mix of electronic - acoustic music and some guitar.
The main ingredient is various recordings that I made throughout the year in The Netherlands.
These could be sounds of machines, people, gatherings/ jams with friends, sound of the nature or ambience of various places.There is also a lot of guitar in the cd, this 10-year old classical guitar I have which was the first one that I ever layed a hand on and became obsessed with music.

While recording the cd and with the help of some friends, I made cd cases from carton and gave it to about 60 people so that everyone draws their own. Then I took them back and when the cd was finished we made a gathering and gave them out to friends who came.

Below there is a link to download the cd for free.
The download incldes two folders.
The first is the tracks of the CD in mp3 format.
The second one is some extra material concerning the CD.
This material is all the covers that people drew and a folder with some sounds that I used a lot in the CD in their initial form.

So click here to download.

This is an experiment for me, I can't even explain how I ended
up writing this music or if I will write stuff like this in the future.
But I feel it is much more closer to my thoughts and myself
than the previous ones. So It would be very nice to talk about it
with you. If you have some impression or thought send me an
email at

We are also working on an event to present this cd with some video art- installations,
more info about this soon :)

I am also putting up a couple songs here from bandcamp, but I would
suggest listening the cd as a  whole!

That's all folks!