Monday, November 12, 2012

Schiphol at Night

I think I would like to share some stories
or experiences once in a while.
Maybe mostly stories related to music.

Here's the first one.
It happened this summer when I was
going to fly from Amsterdam to Athens.

I had my nice old classical guitar with me and arrived
at Schiphol maybe around three or four in the morning.
I still had to wait a couple of hours for my flight.
There was a very interesting atmosphere, because this
is a HUGE place and on that moment it was really empty
and quiet.

So, I thought, I should find a nice spot and play some guitar.

I found a place, I sat there and played
really softly, improvising. The place was so
quiet that you could just listen to every little
sound and really feel the acoustics.

While I was playing a woman came and sat next to me.
Or maybe lied to to take a rest.
But I continued playing and we didn't talk.
(We were kind of with our backs turned to each other)
For twenty minutes - half an hour, I was playing and it
was so nice,just very quiet little sounds.

Then at some point the phone rang and she
left to find her friends I guess.

That's it. Just wanted to share, because
I felt that while playing there
in this space it was a very nice and
personal moment that I shared
with somebody but we never talked.

Should we?

I don't know...

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