Monday, January 28, 2013

At Victoria Coach Station

Yesterday evening I was at Victoria Coach station, waiting for the bus from London to The Hague.There were a lot of people running around like crazy to catch their buses and be on time. I was sitting in a corner eating when I noticed a guy who was waiting for his bus too, holding an instrument that had the shape of a wooden box. I looked at it closer and it seemed to me like a kind of kalimba or mbira. It was also really nicely drawn. I just got drawn by this guy and his instrument and got up and stood next to him. In a few seconds, we looked at each other and we started talking.

Eventually we sat down together talked and played. He was such a sweet and calm guy. It is amazing how in twenty minutes you can learn such important lessons about music (and not only). By seeing his hands play and listening carefully to his few words, I felt like one of these precious moments when your mind is being opened to a totally new perspective and knowledge.
Maybe all what education and school should be about.

How do I learn to play the rhythm you are playing?
Teach me.

Or maybe I have to listen to it myself. Listen it in my own way, with my own imagination and then play it. Every person has their own.

And don't hurry. Rest your hand on the instrument and when you feel is the moment to add the next step, do it.

The movements and sound were all so soft, contrasting all the noise and the people in the station. Maybe because of all these we tend to forget about basic and simple sides of music.

Thanks Kallon, hope to see you soon. :)

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