Monday, April 8, 2013

For The Record -new release-

Hello everyone!

Today I finally upload a new release that I have been working on the past months.

It is actually two techno pieces that are made completely out of acoustic sounds.These sounds are the same ones that I used for the previous release "A Professional Result". So if you listen both you might recognize some stuff!

It is very important for me that I get some feedback on this project. It is the first time I make this kind of music and I am not really sure on how to go on with it.

If you are a DJ and you would like to play this music in a party, please tell me! If a couple people do it, it can motivate me to print some LP's for this release.

This music is meant to be danced, so don't hesitate, put it loud and do it!

Here is a link to download it.

You can also listen to one of them on soundcloud.

Would be nice to hear your experience, goodbye for now!


p.s. I will be very active with the blog from now on, so if you want to be kept informed fill in your e-mail on the top right side of the blog and then you will get a notification every time I upload something.

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