Monday, October 28, 2013

"Rhythm Sessions" 1-15 December in The Hague

Hello everyone!
Thanks everyone for joining!

There is a text following to explain what is gonna happen in these sessions. It is open for everyone to join, it is for free (there will be a donation box if you wanna contribute though) and for sure we are gonna have a lot of fun, so join us! If you wanna join send me an e-mail to let me know. Then we can keep in touch about everything. Of course you can also just come by, no problem. :)

So, cheers and see you in Da Hague!

Short description
Four sessions (of -+ 3 hours) when we are going to build some simple percussion instruments, invent and learn rhythms, songs and dances together, do a lot of group games with sound and movement and of course, improvise a lot!

More analytically
The four sessions will take place in between 1-15 December, which means we are going to do two sessions per week.
The first session is going to be devoted to building the instruments. Talk about their sound, use and part in the group, and try them out. We can complete the session by inventing some rhythms and patterns and improvise on them to get to know each other.
The second session will have to do more with creating rhythms, learning how to be part of the group and interact with each other through the music. We will do that using some group games and excersises and finally improvising. Later on the same day, we will try for the first time to invent some simple singing on top of our rhythms and work on that a bit.
The third session will be a continuation of the singing process and an introduction to movement, together with the music. We will experiment in inventing simple movements/dances together with our rhythm/ songs.
On the fourth session we will work on putting all of these together and try to build something like a simple form of rhythms/ songs/ dances that we will use in the end to improvise.

Some more stuff to be said
The sessions are going to have a continuation from first to last, so, it makes sense being in all of them. It is open also for people that can’t be there for all of the sessions, but there has to be either some arrangement to know what happened and follow or to be a bit more passive in the whole procedure. We will be recording the session and I will be sending them to you to listen back, so that we can keep track of what we do and use ideas from previous sessions. The program of the session is not very strict, it is just there to give a form and direction to the whole thing. So, it is open to changes and suggestions from all the participants. What is most important is to experiment, invent, play and build a relationship between the group.

Last, but not least
This is a call open to everyone!! It doesn’t matter if you are young or old. It doesn’t matter if you think you are not a very musical person or you have a bad voice, or you don’t dance often. What matters is wanting to explore and play, wanting to be part of a group and interact with the rest of the people.  

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