Thursday, December 26, 2013

Trip To The North Update


It is December now and I am already in London. There is a lot of nice stuff we are doing here like the UK tour with Ell Sol in January, but my "Trip To The North" is over. So, I thought it would be nice to share some of the things that happened.

Ioannina - Greece

We made a concert- music session in A.KOI.XI. Next day I was there for a really nice concert with local bands in the university and a day after that we made an improvised puppet performance with Shapatia and my fellow  baglama traveller Tsitsounious. Well, Shapatia actually fell in love with Tsitsounious while our new friend Rufus the policeman would eventually arrest him and put him into jail. I have a photo from this day!

Gjirokaster - Albania

I was really lucky to spend some days at Kristo's. A place which is soon gonna be one of the coolest places to hang out in Gjirokaster. :) So, I hope to be back soon. I recorded a song with the kalimba there. It is actually two songs in one, that I finished those days. For lyrics (in greek) go to the soundcloud page of the song.

Pescara - Italy

After a really nice stay and concert in Tirana Backbackers Hostel and after passing by Bari for a couple days, I ended up in Pescara to meet some amazing people. We played some music together with The Pump and Ian Tripp. Then, I met some crazy people on the streets and we ended up in the most amazing (music) situations! Here are some recordings.

Jamming all together on the street.

Singing and freestyling in the freestyle reunion, close to the beach!

Singing Forty Rules to Make A Sound with Val!

One day we made this while sitting in a bar.

Milano - Italy

After spending a couple of days in the streets of Perugia and meeting some amazing people I went to Milano to visit my friend and see him play with their band "Jaspers". Crazy guys!

Nantes - France

I visited Lyon for a day, met some very interesting people on the streets and hitchhiked to Nantes. I spent some time in a community close to Nantes and before heading towards Netherlands, we made a great concert in the attic of a couchsurfer that was hosting me there. Unfortunately I have no sound or image from it, but it will be difficult to forget. More or less forty people squeezed in the attic and singing all together, Thanks for these moments everyone. :)

The Hague - Netherlands

After hitchiking for a couple days and playing some greek songs next to the highway for the people that drove me, I arrived to stay for two magic weeks in The Hague.The Rhythm sessions in AC went really well. It was amazing to see everyone playing music together and share this experience. MiniMono fest by Elatiko on the 7th of December was a great experience. Here's a video from my session, you can check also the other people's performances in Elatiko chanel.

Here's also a goodbye recording from The Hague. The day before leaving to London. This is text from Andreas Embirikos that my friend Nikos put into notes and I used it to improvise. :)

London - UK

So, here we are in massive London! Two songs for goodbye and hope to see you in the January Tour with Joan!


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