Saturday, November 15, 2014

Trip To The North Vol2

thanks to Daphni for the poster!

Hey people! :)

Beginning of December I am gonna start travelling again. This time with my new baglama friend Soropis! I am gonna pass through Bulgaria - Serbia - Hungary - Austria - Germany - Netherlands
and then fly to Ghana for a three week music experience with my brother Joan ( Ell Sol).
I post some dates here, if I pass from your area and you wanna meet or play, or organize something together make sure to write me!


6-- Bulgaria, Sofia - Antrakt Gallery -
12 -- Serbia, Senta - Zen Club -
20-26 -- UK, London
27-4 January -- Germany, Berlin
5-8 -- Netherlands - The Hague
9 -- Turkey - Istanbul

See you on the road!

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