Friday, March 27, 2015



This one of the most important posts that I have been uploading. Because it has to do with a really big big project that has been developing lately. It's our music family that we have been building the past years, by playing and sharing experiences and big part of our lives. The name of this family is Ντούντηδες (Ntountides) which comes from the english word "dude".

We recently released an album with fourteen songs that we recorded all together in a house in Athens last summer. So, here are links to the recordings and videos from this recording session. Have a listen and feel free to contact us for any question, comment, cd copy or if you would like to meet and play together :)

You can also visit the bandcamp page, to listen, download and info in english about all the songs.

Here are also some live videos of the songs!

From now on, you will be hearing much more of the dudes than my personal project. It's time to do some collective life!


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