Thursday, June 6, 2013

New CD "Forty Rules To Make A Sound"


This is the moment! Today I upload this CD that we have been working on with friends for the past couple months. It has 12 tracks and all of them are music made with voice and improvisation. It is actually 12 ideas, that can change anytime and actually keep changing. So, let's say that this CD is a version of these ideas. This means that you can also take them and do something new with it. Feel free to sing them and improvise on them, or to take samples from these recordings and make something new! Forget about copyrights! (except if your purpose is to make money with them, in which case I will be very mad at you! :) )

Click here to download the whole thing.
I think I am really repeating myself if I say again that it is of course for free, so this is the last time. ;)

Big thanks, first to the people who took part in this; Aùrelie, Michalis, Nikos, Katerina, Chris, Bryan, Zjaedsely, Alex, Daniel, Sivan, Lynn, Oz, Vera, Jay, Rein, Joan and Sotos. Thanks to Sivan for the help with the artwork, to Masa for making the stamp for the covers and to Yuval for the photos.

I made 200 copies in a quite "basic" and DIY way and you can see how they look in the photos.
If you want a copy, just send me an e-mail and we'll find a way to send it to you wherever you are.
Mail at but don't expect to arrange this before October because I will be travelling to spread the music vibes!

Here's also a couple tracks from the cd that you can listen online.

Tot ziens!

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