Monday, May 27, 2013

BaboDona, impro CD-trip with Aris and Vincent!


SO, today I upload a really special CD with the name "BaboDona"that we had been working on with two friends in the past months. These two friends are Aris and Vincent. They are very good friends that live in London and study filmmaking in the same school. A couple months ago they visited me in The Hague for some days and, for some unknown reason, we started playing music and improvising every day. So, we thought, let's start recording everything and that's how this CD came out. For me, personally, it is very important because it was the birth of a lot of ideas that I used later for improvisation and a very inspiring period that gave me the motivation to start organizing some improvisation sessions. For Aris and Vincent, it is important for other reasons I guess cause it is something that we all did for the first time and had an amazing time discovering.

So you can download the cd here.
There is also a B-Side if you would like to listen more.
For the B-Side download go here.

You can also listen three of the tracks through soundcloud.

Two more things before saying goodbye. First, thanks to Sivan who is also taking part in some of the tracks.
Second, the cover was started in The Hague by the three of us, during a composition presentation (sorry to the person who was presenting!) and finished in Richmond park in London by Aris, Vincent, Pablo, Alkeos and Marilena.

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Good night!

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