Monday, January 5, 2015

Ghanaian Birthday Tour 2015 with Ell Sol!

Hello everyone!

In a couple days we take off for a new music experience with Joan (Ell Sol). This time we are going to celebrate both of our birthdays in Ghana. A really good friend and filmmaker, Aris, is joining us to document the travel and make a little movie out of it. We are planning to do some concerts but also improvise a lot and go with the Ghanaian people flow..! So here we post a little plan we have for the dates and the places, but feel free to contact us for any proposals, ideas :)  contact at ---

9 - Istanbul - House Concert
12 - Accra (welcome show) - House Concert
14 - Cape Coast - Gathering Beach show
16 - Nzulezo - Village
18 - Kumasi
22 - Tamale - Agape music school
24 - Bolgotanga - Village
25 - Bongo
28 - Accra - Big Joe's Pito Bar


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