Thursday, February 12, 2015

Trip To The North vol2 Up-a-date-a!

Hey :)

So, I am already in the north. Actually, right now writing from Berlin. And thought it was time to make a post with some photos/recs/ videos and little stories about the trip so far.


So, we are in Thessaloniki, in Antonis workshop, and I have just completed the building of my first instrument, The Dude, a little nice baglama! And we play a song together with some friends from the band Mallia Kouvaria, which is the Dude's first one :) Here's a photo and recording. Many thanks to Antonis, Athanasia, Pantelis, Giorgos and all the amazing luthiers in this world!


We started the trip with some good friends from Thessaloniki to Sofia and made a cosy concert in Antrakt Gallery. People shared different kinds of traditional music which was really nice. Here is some videos from the concert.


In Senta, we made a concert/ jam/ party with our reggae friends Give Peace A Chance and Ashlee with her ukelele! Here's a video from the jam session :)


After staying some days in Hungary I went to The Netherlands, back to the Autonoom Centrum and made a really nice little concert with Greek songs and improvisation. Stefano joined me with his didgeridoo and tibetan bowls. After the concert Jacob played a jewish song and I joined with with the baglama. Its really beuatiful, here's a recording of it!

Next day Stefano, shared one of his old songs and we recorded it together with guitar and baglama.

I want to forget how to walk
remember only what I want 


This day I also went to the light celebration, because it was the darkest day of the year. There we recorded Dafni's dreamy melody and lyrics called Azul. We sung it all together and sent it as a present to her in Greece. :)


And here we are in London with my duders in Horni man's garden playing his outdoor musical instruments!


Hm.. there is a lot of video/ sound material from the Ntountides invasion in Berlin. Hope to have it soon and upload it :)

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